According to conventional wisdom, your BAC level will remain within safe limits if you consume only one standard drink per hour. But it’s difficult to gauge just how much a drink or two can affect your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) — and many people greatly underestimate what their BAC is at any given point in time. Intoxiclock® Pro visually illustrates how a person’s weight, gender, drink of choice and drinking rate all matter in how long it takes an individual to metabolize alcohol to zero BAC. Participants use this blood alcohol level chart tool to build drinking scenarios and learn the real-time impact on their BAC.

Most people know that .08 BAC is the “legal limit” for impaired driving in the USA and that a person must be 21 to purchase and consume alcohol. However, many participants are surprised to see how changes in a drink’s alcohol content and a person’s weight, gender, and speed of consumption can make a dramatic difference in BAC levels between individuals.

The new intoxiclock® Pro:

  • Can be used with an optional touchscreen monitor (replaces the touch board).
  • Graphically displays the number of drinks and servings of alcohol in those drinks as you build your drinking scenarios.
  • Incorporates a drink selector — you will see pictures of various drink types including beers, wines and cocktails. Select a drink by name and intoxiclock® Pro will use the drink’s standard amount of alcohol (standard drink units, or SDU) in the BAC calculations.
  • Includes a BAC graph which shows a participant’s calculated BAC and corresponding Fatal Vision® Goggles that will illustrate the level of impairment.
  • Features emojis that illustrate the effect a BAC level has on a person’s emotions and physical abilities.
  • Includes updated graphics and a function that enables participants to compare their BACs side by side.
  • Displays a “countdown to zero” to show how long it would take for the alcohol to leave a person’s system.
  • Is also available in Spanish.

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