Distracted driving can be a difficult concept to understand — especially when people believe they can easily multi-task while behind the wheel of a car. The Distract-A-Match® game and the Fatal Reaction® audio distraction unit are simple but engaging tools that can deliver an experience your audience members won’t soon forget.

Distract-A-Match Game


Distract-A-Match is a simple puzzle game that uses a timed multi-tasking activity to show how difficult it can be. The lesson begins when the participant races against the clock to place shapes. The participant then repeats the activity with a distraction such as typing a text message on a cell phone or wearing the Fatal Reaction audio distraction unit. The activity ends when participants compare their first and second attempts playing the game. Typical results show that people will be slower and make more errors when distracted.

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Fatal Reaction Audio Distraction Unit

The Fatal Reaction audio distraction unit is a tool that simulates the effects of cognitive distraction. Alcohol impairment, cell phones, eating, and tuning a radio are common distractions that can take your mind off the task of driving. The unit uses delayed audio feedback to provide a slight echo effect that causes the participant to lose focus while speaking. This distraction takes away from the participant's ability to complete the game and perform the multi-task activity in a timely and efficient manner.

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