Fatal Vision Concussion Goggles

Show them what a concussion is like instead of explaining.

Show them what a concussion is like instead of explaining.

A concussion is more than just a bump on the head — it is a potentially debilitating injury that could have long-lasting effects. With the Fatal Vision Concussion Goggles, participants experience the effects of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) caused by a bump, blow or jolt to the head or body. When people understand the impact a concussion can have, they will be more likely to report it, take preventive measures and follow a doctor's prescribed recovery protocol. Each of the kits include a series of activities designed to test hand-eye coordination, visual acuity, balance and cognitive ability. Participants perform the activities in their normal state first, then put on the Fatal Vision Concussion Goggles, a tool that simulates the effects of a concussion on the brain. While wearing the goggles, they experience the simulated TBI symptoms of dizziness, visual disconnect, disorientation, confusion and lack of confidence in making quick decisions.

The Sports Activities are five unique activities designed to demonstrate the impact of a concussion on a person's athletic performance and physical abilities. The activities include a game of catch between two teammates, individual exercises that test a person’s coordination, and simple ball kicks — all of which become much harder to accomplish when wearing the Concussion Goggles.

The five Study Activities show how concussion symptoms affect a person’s performance in school and the workplace. The activities include memorization and concentration tests and an exercise that involves using fine motor skills to trace a picture. The Concussion Goggles make it difficult to see well enough to finish even the simplest task.

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Fatal Vision® Concussion Goggles


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