Not all drinks are created equal.

Not all drinks are created equal.

Just because an alcoholic beverage is served in a single container doesn’t mean that it’s just “one drink.” Specialty drinks that contain multiple shots of spirits will have an additional effect on impairment level. A person who only had “one drink” may overlook the number of servings of alcohol in that drink. That misunderstanding can lead to a higher blood alcohol concentration (BAC) than anticipated.



The SUM (Standard Unit of Measure)-IT-CUP® delivers a clear interactive lesson about standard drink sizes for alcoholic beverages. Participants aged 21 and older pour and measure a volume of liquid and determine the number of standard drink units (SDU) represented by the liquid for various types of popular alcohol beverages. This activity helps audience members learn an important lesson about SDUs that they will remember the next time they are drinking.


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Master Bartender® Game

The Master Bartender® game is a unique opportunity to educate the public about SDUs of common alcoholic beverages and promote responsible alcohol consumption. Using the SUM-IT-CUP® measuring beakers, players are challenged to pour what they believe to be a SDU and then measure to see how accurate that pour is. The Master Bartender is the person who can pour the most accurate drinks — without over- or under-pouring — throughout the game. For use with participants age 21 and over.

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