SIDNE Vehicles

This simulated experience will make you think twice about driving under the influence, distracted, or drowsy.

This simulated experience will make you think twice about driving under the influence, distracted, or drowsy.

If you’re looking for the ultimate drunk driving simulator, SIDNE® (Simulated Impaired DriviNg Experience) is just the ticket. It’s a custom-built electric cart that allows drivers and passengers to experience what can happen when they operate a vehicle while impaired or districted. SIDNE offers an actual driving experience that participants will never forget.

When driving the SIDNE vehicle, electronics in the vehicle will allow participants to experience loss of control, impaired judgment, erratic acceleration and braking, delayed response and missed turns and lane shifts into “oncoming traffic.” You can run SIDNE either indoors or outdoors and adjust the pedals and steering wheel to accommodate the height of the participant. Control SIDNE’s speed and normal/impaired mode with the flip of a remote switch from up to 75 feet — it can run at 4 or 8 miles per hour. You can also use the remote braking feature to immediately stop a moving SIDNE.

Each SIDNE comes standard with Innocorp’s on-site training session to help ensure safe and appropriate use of the vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes SIDNE a safe experience?
    • SIDNE is equipped with two 3 point safety belts.
    • The vehicle is engineered with a wide wheel base and low center of gravity to prevent rollovers.
    • Instructor has breaking and stopping control of SIDNE.
    • SIDNE has two speed modes, 4 and 8 mph.
    • Electronic braking provides a smooth controlled braking action and prevents sudden or skidding stops.
  • Does the driver need to wear Fatal Vision Goggles® while operating SIDNE?

    Innocorp, Ltd. does not recommend the use of impairment goggles when operating any motorized vehicle. SIDNE’s delayed reactions to the driver’s braking, steering and acceleration deliver a clear and dramatic experience showing the impact of impairment and distraction on a person’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.

  • Can SIDNE be run inside?

    Yes, many customers use their SIDNE in school gymnasiums, community centers, and other indoor facilities. You will want to make sure SIDNE’s tires are completely clean and free of debris and that you have enough room to provide a safe driving experience.

  • Is there a lot of upkeep and maintenance required for SIDNE?

    SIDNE was engineered to be user friendly and require minimal maintenance. Required maintenance includes: charging batteries, maintaining tire pressure, monitoring drive belt and tire wear, and periodically changing transmitter batteries.

  • How fast does SIDNE go?

    SIDNE has two speed modes, 4 and 8 mph.

  • How many hours of run time will a fully charged set of batteries last?

    Under normal operating conditions, SIDNE batteries will provide enough power for 4-5 hours of run time.

  • Is an onsite training session required?

    Yes, each SIDNE package is priced with an onsite training session at your location. Training sessions can accommodate up to 6 attendees and is delivered using a Train-the-Trainer format to allow the customer to train additional staff as needed. Onsite training for the Basic and Complete Package take 4-6 hours and run 6-8 hours for the Ultimate Package.

  • What types of organizations are currently using SIDNE in their programs?

    SIDNE has been in the market and providing hands-on safety experiences for more than 10 years. Law enforcement, schools, colleges and universities, the US Military, government highway safety agencies and safe community coalitions around the world have delivered countless hours of hands-on prevention and awareness campaigns using SIDNE.

  • What type of warranty is available for SIDNE?

    SIDNE comes with a standard warranty coverage of 6 months or 150 hours of run time. An extended warranty can be purchased to provide coverage for 18 months or 450 hours.

  • Is your impaired driving vehicle SIDNE ever referred to as anything else?

    Yes, S.I.D.N.E. is an acronym that stands for Simulated Impaired DriviNg Experience, but some people refer to it as a Drunk Driving Car, Drunk Driving Simulator or a DUI Simulator.

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