Fatal Vision Marijuana Simulation Goggles

Impairing your mind, not your vision.

Impairing your mind, not your vision.

Impairment from recreational marijuana use can cause you to lose motor coordination, slow your decision-making process, affect your reaction time and distort your vision. The Fatal Vision® Marijuana Simulation Experience models the effects of recreational marijuana so you can experience the impact of what it’s like to be under the influence.

Each kit comes with instructional materials and videos that will help you conduct activities specifically designed for the Fatal Vision Marijuana Goggles. The activities give participants an understanding of the potentially severe consequences that can result from recreational marijuana use.

How do the marijuana goggles work?

Marijuana affects the brain differently than alcohol, and the Fatal Vision marijuana goggles reflect that difference. Rather than distorting the vision so the participant stumbles and loses coordination, the goggles impair the participant’s ability to accurately perceive color. This lack of perception means the participant does not have all the necessary information to successfully complete specially designed activities.

When you are under the influence of marijuana, you do not, in fact, lose your ability to perceive color. However, the goggles model recreational marijuana’s true effects — they diminish your capacity to make quick, accurate decisions, and that causes you to miss important external cues that could lead to a crash.

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