Danger In Every Step (DIES) Activity Mats

Provide an additional dose of reality with your Fatal Vision Goggles activities

It’s hard to imagine the dangers of functioning while under the influence of alcohol or driving while distracted. Our DIES® Activity Mats — which can be used with Fatal Vision® Alcohol Impairment Goggles and Fatal Vision® Drowsy Distracted Goggles — give you a focal point for your presentations, combining several eye-opening activities into one easily transportable mat.

Alcohol Impairment Activity Mats

Can you imagine the dangers associated with being drunk on a balcony? How about trying to navigate a winding sidewalk? Or descending a flight of stairs? The Danger in Every Step (DIES®) Alcohol Impairment Activity Mats provide an additional dose of reality to the Fatal Vision® Goggles activities. The mats depict several common obstacles that can become hazards for a person under the influence of alcohol.

Danger in Every Step (DIES®) Balcony Danger Mat

The DIES® Balcony Danger Mat is designed to raise awareness about the dangers of alcohol impairment in a party scene. This mat provides the simulated challenge of walking through a room while performing simple tasks such as picking up a TV remote or piece of pizza, talking to another party goer, and avoiding tripping hazards that could result in falling from the balcony to the street below. This activity is ideal for addressing potential dangers associated with house parties, block parties, holiday parties, family celebrations and other instances where alcohol may be present.

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Danger in Every Step (DIES®) Winding Sidewalk Mat

The DIES Winding Sidewalk Mat simulates the dangers associated with alcohol impairment while strolling along a winding sidewalk. This activity demonstrates to audience members the potential dangers of walking home impaired, which includes falling off a sidewalk into traffic.

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Danger in Every Step (DIES®) Roadside Sobriety Test and Stairs Challenge Mat

The DIES Roadside Sobriety Test and Stairs Challenge Mat presents the challenges of performing a roadside sobriety test or walking down a set of stairs. Both tasks become significantly more difficult, as your audience members will experience when they try it themselves.

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Distracted Driving Activity Mat

Distracted driving can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence — but your participants will need to experience it to believe it. The Danger in Every Step (DIES®) Distracted Driving Activity Mat depicts a rural town setting with streets, crosswalks, railroad crossings and other common town locations and roadway features. The challenge is to drive through town using the DIES® Steering Wheel — which is attached to a miniature car — to simulate a driving experience. Participants first travel around the simulated town making stops at various locations while observing safe driving habits such as obeying traffic signs, looking both ways before crossing the train tracks, watching for pedestrians, and keeping the car on the road. Then, they drive the route again — this time with added distractions such as texting while driving. These distractions will typically cause the driver to make errors such as missing turns, driving off the road, driving through stop signs, or hitting pedestrians! The resulting experience demonstrates how distractions take away from a person’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.

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Line Detector Unit

For all those auditory learners in your audience, the Line Detector® delivers the message over and over again that alcohol impairment leads to stumbling. This programmable speaker plays audio messages or sound effects whenever a participant “walking the line” with Fatal Vision® Goggles steps off the line. You can record your own message, such as “Buzzed driving is drunk driving!”

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