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    1. Fatal Vision® Drowsy and Distracted - Program Kit

      Fatal Vision® Drowsy and Distracted - Program Kit

      These goggles simulate the experience of drowsy or distracted impairment. The kit includes tools you can use to drive home the lesson that drowsy or distracted driving is impaired driving.


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  • Have you ever glanced down at your phone while driving, only to look back up and jerk the wheel because you were drifting off to the side of the road? Or, have you ever gotten behind the wheel of a car after a particularly rough night and found it was hard to concentrate on the task at hand? Drowsy and distracted driving claims thousands of lives every year, largely because people do not believe they are driving impaired. The Fatal Vision® Drowsy and Distracted Goggles allow wearers to experience simulated impairment from drowsiness or distraction while driving.

    Features of the Fatal Vision® Drowsy and Distracted Goggles

    • Curved liquid crystal lenses for a full 180 degree field of view
    • Easy to read display to show level, mode, and battery life
    • Adjustable mode settings
    • Elastic strap to keep eyewear tight on head during movement
    • Easy to operate with two buttons to adjust modes and power unit on/off
    • Rechargeable integrated battery via USB
    • Attractive aesthetic design
    • Goggles can be controlled and configured manually or through a mobile app using wireless Bluetooth  
    • App available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store
  • Demo Video: Fatal Vision Drowsy and Distracted Goggles
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