1. SIDNE® Upgrade – Version 6.0 to Version 7.0

      SIDNE® Upgrade – Version 6.0 to Version 7.0

      Update your SIDNE® Version 6.0 to the features and functionality of our latest Version 7.0.  


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    2. SIDNE® Upgrade – Version 4.0 to Version 5.0

      SIDNE® Upgrade – Version 4.0 to Version 5.0

      Do you have an older SIDNE® Version 4.0 that needs to be upgraded? Order this package to repair and update your SIDNE®'s performance and look.


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    1. SIDNE® Upgrade – Version 3.0 to Version 5.0

      SIDNE® Upgrade – Version 3.0 to Version 5.0

      Do you have an older SIDNE® Version 3.0 that needs to be upgraded? Order this package to repair and update your SIDNE®'s performance and look.


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    2. SIDNE® Version 5.0 Refurbishment

      SIDNE® Version 5.0 Refurbishment

      Refurbish your SIDNE® Version 5.0 with updated features and a fresh look.  


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    1. SIDNE® Single Trailer

      SIDNE® Single Trailer

      Need a safe and secure way to haul and store your SIDNE®?


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    2. SIDNE® Double Trailer

      SIDNE® Double Trailer

      Transport 2-SIDNE® units in one trailer.


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    1. SIDNE® Protective Cover

      SIDNE® Protective Cover

      Use the SIDNE® cover to protect your cart from the elements.


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    2. SIDNE® Infrared Transmitter

      SIDNE® Infrared Transmitter

      SIDNE® Infrared Transmitter


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    1. SIDNE® Battery Set

      SIDNE® Battery Set

      Need a spare pair of batteries for your SIDNE® program?

      $575.00 per set

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    2. SIDNE® Battery Charger

      SIDNE® Battery Charger

      This battery charger is equipped with an indicator light to let you know when the battery is fully charged.


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    1. SIDNE® Charging Adapter

      SIDNE® Charging Adapter

      Our charging adapter works with your SIDNE® batteries.


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    2. SIDNE® Tool Kit

      SIDNE® Tool Kit

      All the tools necessary for routine SIDNE maintenance


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    1. SIDNE® Rigid Cones

      SIDNE® Rigid Cones

      10-28" stackable safety cone, 5.6 pounds per cone, narrow wind-resistant design, in day-glow orange.


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    2. SIDNE® 6

      SIDNE® 6" cones

      6-inch stacking cones for your SIDNE® driving course.

      $66.00 per set

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    1. Collapsible Cone Grabber

      Collapsible Cone Grabber

      Lightweight Collapsible Cone Grabber.


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    2. SIDNE® Course Pennants

      SIDNE® Course Pennants

      Eye-catching checkered flag pennants


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    1. Measuring Wheel

      Measuring Wheel

      This wheel helps you quickly lay out your course.


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    2. Spray Chalk and Marking Pistol

      Spray Chalk and Marking Pistol

      This bright yellow chalk is a safe, temporary marking solution to draw your SIDNE® course quickly and easily.


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    1. SIDNE® Driving Course Signs

      SIDNE® Driving Course Signs

      These plastic styrene signs add a realistic touch to your driving course. Signs come standard with a cut-out on the bottom and can be easily inserted into the top of our rigid cones.


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    2. SIDNE® Course Figures

      SIDNE® Course Figures

      Enhance your SIDNE® course with these figures.


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    1. SIDNE® Transport Trunk

      SIDNE® Transport Trunk

      Store SIDNE® Course Kit materials organized with this rugged, black, hard plastic case

      $475.00 per case

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    2. SIDNE® License Plate

      SIDNE® License Plate

      License Plate for SIDNE®


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    1. SIDNE® Replacement Tires

      SIDNE® Replacement Tires

      Replacement Tires For Your SIDNE®

      $0.00 Set of 4

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    2. SIDNE® Wide Pedal Assembly

      SIDNE® Wide Pedal Assembly

      Replacement Accelerator and Brake Assembly for SIDNE® Version 3.0 - 6.0


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    1. SIDNE® Front Bumper

      SIDNE® Front Bumper

      Front Bumper is easily installed on all SIDNE® Models- NEW stronger for 2014!


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    2. SIDNE® Drive Belt

      SIDNE® Drive Belt

      Replacement drive belt


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    1. SIDNE® Potentiometer Cover

      SIDNE® Potentiometer Cover

      Replacement Potentiometer Cover


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    2. SIDNE® Roll Bar Banner

      SIDNE® Roll Bar Banner

      SIDNE® Roll Bar Banner measures 28" x 20"


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    1. SIDNE® Rear Hood

      SIDNE® Rear Hood

      Rear Hood covers the SIDNE® drive motor and batteries


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    2. SIDNE® Tie Rods

      SIDNE® Tie Rods

      SIDNE® Tie Rod sets


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  • Drunk Driving Car

    SIDNE® is a behind the wheel driving experience that makes the dangers of distracted and impaired driving real and personal.




    • Use SIDNE® to address distracted driving or impaired driving.
    • You can run SIDNE® either indoors or outdoors.
    • Pedals and steering wheel are quickly adjustable to accommodate a wide range of participant heights.


    • You can set SIDNE®’s speed and drive mode with the flip of a remote switch.
    • Set Low or High Speed Mode to limit SIDNE® to run at 4 or 8 mph.
    • Drive mode can be set to either Normal or Impaired to affect vehicle response.


    • SIDNE® has a low center of gravity for added stability.
    • The cart is instructor controlled using an infrared transmitter from a distance of up to 75 feet.
    • SIDNE® includes 3-point retractable seat belts for both driver and passenger.
    • The remote braking feature allows the instructor to immediately stop a moving SIDNE.®


    • SIDNE® has more than 13 years of proven ability in the field demonstrating the dangers of distracted and impaired driving.
    • Each SIDNE® comes standard with our on-site training session to help ensure safe and appropriate use of SIDNE.®
    • SIDNE® packages include a comprehensive user guide and course materials.
    SIDNE Version 7.0 Features

    The Experience


    Drivers and passengers can safely experience a simulation of what happens when they attempt to operate a vehicle while impaired or distracted. SIDNE® drives in two modes, Normal and Impaired. As a participant drives SIDNE®, the instructor will switch SIDNE® between Normal Mode and Impaired Mode causing the driver to misjudge turns, speed, and braking distances.

    • In Normal Mode, the vehicle responds appropriately to the driver’s steering, braking, and accelerating.
    • When an instructor puts the vehicle into Impaired Mode using the remote switch, the driver will experience a slight delay in the braking, steering, and acceleration.
    • These delays typically result in the driver losing control of the vehicle and a realization of how an instant of cell phone distraction or driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs can lead to tragic consequences.
    • The instructor has braking and stopping control of SIDNE® through the use of an infrared remote control. The remote operates at a distance of up to 75 feet, allowing the instructor to change the vehicle between modes, perform emergency braking, select the vehicle speed and power off the vehicle.

    SIDNE® provides a safe and realistic alternative to golf carts, pedal carts and static computer driving simulators.

    See SIDNE® in Action

    On-site Training

    A SIDNE® training session at your facility is included with the purchase of SIDNE®. You will learn to conduct a safe, engaging and productive awareness and prevention program. Our SIDNE® instructors have many years of experience in conducting SIDNE® programs.

    Drunk Driving Car

    Through this SIDNE® training you will:

    • Learn the features of SIDNE® and how it functions
    • Learn how to operate your SIDNE® to conduct a safe program
    • Layout a driving course for SIDNE® to ensure the safety of SIDNE®, drivers and passengers, and observers
    • Craft and refine your awareness and prevention message
    • Learn to conduct an event using SIDNE® to deliver an effective and productive program and engage your audience
    • Practice your program delivery using SIDNE® and role-playing
    • Learn how to maintain your SIDNE® to keep it in top operating condition

    In each SIDNE® training session we can accommodate 4-6 people to ensure that everyone gets personal attention and time to practice delivering a SIDNE® program.

    SIDNE® Specs

    • Width: 48”
    • Length: 76”
    • Height: 55” with roll bar up and 28” with roll bar folded down
    • Power: Electric, using two 12 volt rechargeable batteries
    • Riders: 2 (driver and passenger)
    • Load Limit: 350 lbs.
    • Recommended Demonstration Space: 100’ x 130’
    Package Options


    • Provides an actual driving experience. This is not a static computer generated simulation
    • Delivers a clear, effective and eye-opening lesson
    • Offers a safe alternative to programs that use golf carts
    • More realistic than a pedal cart
    • Provides a clear prevention lesson for both the SIDNE® driver and passenger.

    Compare SIDNE® Packages

    Basic Complete Ultimate Products Included
    SIDNE® 7.0
    2 Transmitter and Carrying Case
    24412v Batteries
    Battery Charger
    4 Program Guides and Course Cards
    SIDNE® User Guide
    Training Video
    Standard Warranty (6 months or 150 hours of run time)
    4-6 hours4-6 hours8 hoursOn-Site Training
    3 SIDNE® Trainer Safety Vest
    Can Lithium Grease
    244Safety Glasses
    44Sanitary Fabric Caps (100/pack)
    66Germicidal Wipes
    SIDNE® Tools
    SIDNE® Cap
     External Charging Adapter
     SIDNE® Course Case
     4 Traffic Signs
     Mini Measuring Wheel
    3060606" Mini Cones
     203628" Rigid Cones
     Collapsible Cone Grabber
     Course Pennants (18 strings)
     2036Pennant Clips
     33SIDNE® Course Figures
      SIDNE® Cover Up
     Marking Pistol (1) and Spray Chalk (4 cans)
      Fatal Vision® Program Kit
      Distract-A-Match® Program Kit
      Line Detector®
      SUM-IT-CUP® with Masterbartender®
      intoxiclock® Pro
      100 Phone Cell Bags
      DIES® Balcony Danger Mat with Carrying Strap
      DIES® Winding Sidewalk Mat with Carrying Strap
      DIES® Roadside Sobriety Test and Stairs Challenge Mat with Carrying Strap
      Distract-A-Match® Presentation Edition
      Smash Match®
    $14,390.00$17,895.00$26,395.00Package Total without Trailer
    $17,885.00$21,390.00$29,890.00Package Total with Single Trailer
    $19,085.00$22,590.00$31,090.00Package Total with Double Trailer
    +$1,600.00+$1,600.00+$1,600.00Extended Warranty (Additional coverage for 12 months or 300 hours run time)
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Click any question to reveal the answer

    + What makes SIDNE® a safe experience?

    • SIDNE® is equipped with two 3 point safety belts.
    • The vehicle is engineered with a wide wheel base and low center of gravity to prevent rollovers.
    • Instructor has breaking and stopping control of SIDNE®.
    • SIDNE® has two speed modes, 4 and 8 mph
    • Electronic braking provides a smooth controlled braking action and prevents sudden or skidding stops

    + Does the driver need to wear Fatal Vision Goggles® while operating SIDNE®?

    Innocorp, Ltd. does not recommend the use of impairment goggles when operating any motorized vehicle. SIDNE®’s delayed reactions to the driver’s braking, steering and acceleration deliver a clear and dramatic experience showing the impact of impairment and distraction on a person’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.

    + Can SIDNE® be run inside?

    Yes, many customers use their SIDNE® in school gymnasiums, community centers, and other indoor facilities. You will want to make sure SIDNE®’s tires are completely clean and free of debris and that you have enough room to provide a safe driving experience.

    + Is there a lot of upkeep and maintenance required for SIDNE®?

    SIDNE® was engineered to be user friendly and require minimal maintenance. Required maintenance includes: charging batteries, maintaining tire pressure, monitoring drive belt and tire wear, and periodically changing transmitter batteries.

    + How fast does SIDNE® go?

    SIDNE® has two speed modes, 4 and 8 mph.

    + How many hours of run time will a fully charged set of batteries last?

    Under normal operating conditions, SIDNE® batteries will provide enough power for 4-5 hours of run time.

    + Is an onsite training session required?

    Yes, each SIDNE® package is priced with an onsite training session at your location. Training sessions can accommodate up to 6 attendees and is delivered using a Train-the-Trainer format to allow the customer to train additional staff as needed. Onsite training for the Basic and Complete Package take 4-6 hours and run 6-8 hours for the Ultimate Package.

    + What types of organizations are currently using SIDNE® in their programs?

    SIDNE® has been in the market and providing hands-on safety experiences for more than 10 years. Law enforcement, schools, colleges and universities, the US Military, government highway safety agencies and safe community coalitions around the world have delivered countless hours of hands-on prevention and awareness campaigns using SIDNE®.

    + What type of warranty is available for SIDNE®?

    SIDNE® comes with a standard warranty coverage of 6 months or 150 hours of run time. An extended warranty can be purchased to provide coverage for 18 months or 450 hours.

    + Is your impaired driving vehicle SIDNE® ever referred to as anything else?

    Yes, S.I.D.N.E. is an acronym that stands for Simulated Impaired DriviNg Experience, but some people refer to it as a Drunk Driving Car, Drunk Driving Simulator or a DUI Simulator.

  • See the NEW SIDNE® Version 7.0 in Action
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    In The News: SIDNE®
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