turn 'n learn® - Alcohol Awareness Materials and Activity Kit Only


Order the parts and pieces necessary to transform your prize wheel into a turn 'n learn® Alcohol Awareness Classroom Challenge. view full details

Item Number: TNL AA MAT ACT

This package is ideal for those that already own a prize wheel or turn 'n learn® Classroom Challenge - Distracted Driving and want to use the turn 'n learn® Alcohol Awareness. Easily convert your prize wheel and create this interactive and competitive classroom experience today for your school and community. 


  • 1 turn 'n learn® deck of cards
  • 1 turn 'n learn® Alcohol Awareness 8" magnetic hub
  • 12 wheel inserts to fit 31-inch diameter prize wheel
  • 1 user guide
  • 4 player guides 
  • Travel box with handle
  • Activity kit  
    • 1 Fatal Vision® Silver Label Clear Goggles
    • 3 foam balls
    • 2 decks of cards
    • 2 water pitchers
    • Play money
    • 50 wood blocks
    • 1 digital timer