Fatal Vision® Concussion – Sport Activities


These activities are ideal for demonstrating the impact of a concussion on a person's athletic performance. view full details

Item Number: CG SPORTS

Looking for new activities to use with your Fatal Vision® Concussion Goggles to help demonstrate the impact of a concussion on a person’s athletic performance? Look no further! These five activities are designed to show participants the effects of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and the importance of reporting concussions, taking preventative measures and following a doctor’s prescribed recovery protocol.  

Participants of these activities will experience the modeled symptoms of a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) including: loss of spatial awareness and balance, poor hand-eye coordination, diminished performance on complex motor tasks, double vision and blurriness.



  • 1 - DIES® Activity Mat (10' x 4' with carrying strap)
  • 1 - USB with user guide and instructor videos
  • 300 - "Stop, Sit, Tell" giveaway cards
  • 1 - carrying case
  • 4 - activity balls
  • 1 - digital timer
  • 5 - activity cups
  • 1 - Backpack