Fatal Vision® Drowsy and Distracted – Event Kit


Learn the dangers you may face when driving drowsy or distracted with our new simulation goggles. view full details

Item Number: FV DD EVENT KIT

Show your participants the results of drowsy or distracted driving with our Event Kit, which includes 7 activities that use the Fatal Vision® Drowsy and Distracted Goggles.

How they work

The Fatal Vision Drowsy and Distracted Goggles are controlled and configured through Bluetooth using a mobile app on your phone or manually on the goggle.

You will choose one of three impairment modes for the Drowsy and Distracted Goggles:

Mode A – Distracted Dial: simulates what could happen if someone takes his eyes off the road “just long enough” to dial a phone. Every three seconds, the goggles black out for three seconds.

Mode B – Distracted Text: simulates the distraction that occurs when someone reads or responds to a text. The goggles black out for 4.6 seconds to simulate the amount of time a person’s eyes and attention are on his phone, rather than on the road.

Mode C – Drowsy: simulates momentary micro-sleeps that build in waves until the eyes and brain shut down. The goggles black out beginning with a short half-second closure, and continue to black out for longer periods of time, progressing to a 10-second blackout.

Download the Fatal Vision Goggle app for free at the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.


  • Fatal Vision Drowsy and Distracted Goggles with hard carrying caseEach goggle is covered by a 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty *Each goggle requires a separate phone app and device for operation when using multiple goggles simultaneously. 
  • Stop/go paddle, arrow paddle, flex flyer steering wheel, course tape, timer, backpack, and in-app educational materials that include: six instructional videos, activity and user guides 
  • Distract-A-Match® and Fatal Reaction®
  • The M.E.T.H.O.D.® (Mind Eyes Two Hands On Driving) Webcast Series will help your students create their own customized peer-to-peer campaign to promote distraction-free driving. The three-part training series serves as a step-by-step guide. (You must make an account when purchasing this software, to download your digital product. [ Login To Your Account ] )