DIES® Marijuana Impairment Mat


Use this mat with your Fatal Vision® Marijuana Simulation Experience kits to add an additional hands-on activity to your drugged driving awareness program. view full details


Introducing the NEW DIES® (Danger In Every Step) - Marijuana Impairment Activity Mat. This 4' x 14' durable, rubber-backed mat has graphics on one side that demonstrate impairment of reaction time, motor skills, memory, and decision-making abilities, and show potential consequences associated with driving or walking under the influence of recreational marijuana.

This activity complements the Marijuana Simulation Experience Program Kit and Event Kit.  Fatal Vision® Marijuana Simulation Experience Goggles NOT INCLUDED.


  • 4' x 14' DIES® Marijuana Impairment Activity Mat
  • Carrying strap
  • Steering wheel with car
  • User guide

* some assembly required