Prevention Tools

  1. Distract A Match®

    Distract A Match®

    This simple shape and color matching game helps demonstrate in a fun and engaging way the impact of distractions on our reaction time and judgment and extends the lesson to the impact of distracted driving.

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  2. Fatal Vision® Alcohol Impairment Goggles

    Fatal Vision® Alcohol Impairment Goggles

    Fatal Vision® is an evidenced-based training tool used to vividly demonstrate the concept of impairment and the dangers of alcohol and other drug misuse and abuse.

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  3. Fatal Vision® Concussion Goggle

    Fatal Vision® Concussion Goggle

    The Fatal Vision® Concussion Goggle simulates the potentially debilitating effects of traumatic brain injuries caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head. Use the The Fatal Vision® Concussion Goggle to help people of all ages understand their susceptibility to head trauma and educate them on what steps to take if someone sustains a Traumatic Brain Injury.

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  4. intoxiclock®


    intoxiclock® Pro visually illustrates how a person's level of intoxication changes with increasing levels of alcohol consumption and the rate at which a body metabolizes alcohol given the person's weight, gender and drinking pattern.

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  5. Line Detector® Unit

    Line Detector® Unit

    When anyone walks the line using the Fatal Vision® Goggles and steps off the line, a message or sound effect like a police car siren or scream will play.

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  6. SUM-IT-CUP®


    The SUM-IT-CUP® (Standard Unit of Measure) is an educational tool designed to show adults 21 years of age and older what measure of various types of popular alcohol beverages constitute a standard sized drink.

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  7. SIDNE® Vehicle

    SIDNE® Vehicle

    Simulated Impaired DriviNg Experience®, or SIDNE®, is a battery-powered vehicle that simulates the effects of impairment from alcohol and other drugs on a motorist's driving skills.

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  8. Tunnel Vision Lens - TVL®

    Tunnel Vision Lens - TVL®

    Designed to work with the Fatal Vision® Goggles, TVL® is the newest tool available to help you deliver a more realistic lesson about the consequences of alcohol misuse and abuse.

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  9. "You Call The Shots" Banners and Posters

    "You Call The Shots" Banners and Posters

    Help your audience easily understand how many Standard Drink Units (SDU’s) are in popular alcoholic beverages and dispel common myths about alcohol consumption.

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