On-site Training

Innocorp works with you on-site to provide guidance and support to use Fatal Vision products in your education and prevention program.Innocorp's certified trainers work with your instructors, teachers, outreach staff, and prevention specialists to teach them how to use the Innocorp products that you've purchased and incorporate them into your existing awareness and prevention programs. We will help you fine-tune your prevention lesson and prepare your staff to deliver a successful program. We can customize the class length and content based on your training needs. The on-site training is ideal for new instructors or those who need a refresher to improve their program delivery techniques and methods for an effective and successful program.

On-site Training Objectives

  • Learn and apply safe and effective demonstration techniques using Innocorp products to engage your community.
  • Effectively identify how to integrate Innocorp products into your existing program.
  • Perfect your program delivery through role play and activity demonstrations.

Training Fee Includes

  • One-day on-site training (4-6 hours), which can accommodate up to 10 attendees
  • One Innocorp trainer
  • All travel expenses

Frequently Asked Questions