Meet Our Trainers

Want some more ideas to make the most out of your Innocorp products? Our trainers can travel to your location and work with your staff to teach them how they can make an impact.

Justin AllowayJustin Alloway

Justin has been a trainer for Innocorp since 2009. He works as a police officer in central Ohio; after his department purchased a SIDNE® in 2007, he was so impressed with the vehicle that he wanted to teach others how to use it, too. He has traveled all over the United States, Canada and the Caribbean helping customers make the most of their Innocorp products. He particularly enjoys seeing the excitement in his customers’ eyes when they start realizing the possibilities of what they can accomplish with Innocorp products.

Dave AndrewsDave Andrews

Dave began working as a trainer in 2006 when he was a deputy and DARE instructor in the Summit County Sheriff’s Office in Akron, Ohio. Now retired, he has traveled all over the United States and to Canada and Bahrain — a country in the Persian Gulf — to train customers on Innocorp products. He says he truly believes in Innocorp’s products and mission, and has had some eye-opening experiences over the years that have taught him more about the impact of drugs and alcohol.

Norma SowerNorma Sower

Norma works for a hospital system in western Michigan and became an Innocorp trainer in 2017 after she tested some equipment for the company. Her biggest piece of advice for customers is to study the materials and instruction manual so they can learn more from their training sessions. She is married with four children and 10 grandchildren. She and her husband own a 50-site campground in northern Michigan, where she spends most weekends between April and November.