Our Story

One day in 1992, Michael Aguilar’s whole perspective on life changed. His young son David and his friend Tyler were playing in Tyler’s front yard when a drunk driver with a B.A.C. of over .20 sped down their neighborhood street crashing into the yard where the boys were playing. Fortunately, the car narrowly missed David. Unfortunately, the car ran over Tyler. Tyler survived the encounter with the drunk driver, spending a week in the hospital recovering from his injuries. Realizing the situation could have easily been more tragic; Aguilar was determined to make a difference and help prevent the heartbreak of future impaired driving injuries and fatalities.

A few years later, Aguilar and friend Patrick Flaherty developed the concept of, “goggles that simulated impairment from alcohol” as a tool to educate the public on the dangers of drunken driving.

On May 8, 1996, Aguilar and Flaherty founded Innocorp, Ltd. to further develop the concept. After creating a goggle prototype and demonstrating it at the Wisconsin Governor’s Conference on Highway Safety, demand for the goggles grew quickly. Taking the lead, Aguilar processed orders,created the goggles, now called Fatal Vision®, and shipped them out—all from his dining room table!

Today, Innocorp, Ltd. is an international company recognized by advocacy groups, law enforcement agencies, businesses, and schools in more than 60 countries. The impact of Fatal Vision® continues to be significant today. In addition to Fatal Vision®, Innocorp created several other proprietary and innovative tools and campaigns to address the misuse and abuse of alcohol and other drugs. Innocorp’s vision is to revolutionize health safety and prevention initiatives by creating tools and campaigns that have the capacity to save lives and prevent injuries.