1. intoxiclock® Pro - Campaign Kit

      intoxiclock® Pro - Campaign Kit

      Our most comprehensive kit includes all the tools you’ll need to raise awareness on the issues of impaired driving, underage drinking, alcohol poisoning, and more.


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    2. intoxiclock® Pro - Event Kit

      intoxiclock® Pro - Event Kit

      The intoxiclock® Event Kit, has all the tools to provide participants a complete experience showing the effects of various types of alcoholic drinks on a person's BAC.


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    3. intoxiclock® Pro - Program Kit

      intoxiclock® Pro - Program Kit

      Use the intoxiclock® Pro Software, Sum It Cup®, and “You Call the Shots” tabletop banner to deliver an impactful and personal lesson about the impact of alcohol on BAC.


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    4. intoxiclock® Pro Software

      intoxiclock® Pro Software

      intoxiclock® Pro is a software tool used to dynamically and visually demonstrate how a person’s weight, gender and drinking pattern affects their level of intoxication with increasing levels of alcohol consumption and the time it takes their body to metabolize the alcohol back to zero BAC.


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    1. SUM-IT-CUP® Complete with Master Bartender®

      SUM-IT-CUP® Complete with Master Bartender®

      SUM-IT-CUP® Complete with Master Bartender® displays what measure of various types of alcohol constitute a standard sized drink.


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    2. "You Call The Shots" Table Top Banner

      Our new retractable You Call The Shots Table Top Banner is 32" wide x 40" high and comes standard with a protective carrying bag. 


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    1. "You Call the Shots" Floor Banner

      Show your audience how many Standard Drink Units (SDUs) are in popular alcoholic beverages.


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    2. Fatal Vision® Impairment Goggles

      Fatal Vision® Impairment Goggles

      Your choice of Fatal Vision® Goggles with cloth protective bag and one (1) printed Fatal Vision® User Guide.

      $149.00 per goggle

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    1. Fatal Vision® Carrying Case

      Fatal Vision® Carrying Case

      Securely carry six (6) Fatal Vision Goggles®


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    2. intoxiclock® Pro Printer

      intoxiclock® Pro Printer

      Print customized pocket guides for drinking scenarios you build with intoxiclock®.


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    1. intoxiclock® Pro Pocket Guide - Refill

      intoxiclock® Pro Pocket Guide - Refill

      Use these cards as giveaways to prompt participants to make better informed decisions about alcohol use.


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    2. DIES® Balcony Danger Mat

      DIES® Balcony Danger Mat

      Use this mat to deliver a meaningful experience about the potential dangers associated with alcohol impairment in a party scene.


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    1. Cleaning Cloth

      Cleaning Cloth

      Premium suede blue microfiber cloth for cleaning your Fatal Vision® Goggles.

      $15.00 per order

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    2. Yellow and Black

      Yellow and Black "Walk-the-Line" Tape

      Use this 54’ roll of Yellow & Black striped adhesive-backed tape to layout “walk-the-line” exercises.


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  • intoxiclock® Pro is an interactive tool used to demonstrate visually how drinking different types and amounts of alcoholic beverages raises a person’s Blood Alcohol Concentration (B.A.C.) given their weight, gender and drinking pattern and the time it takes for the body to metabolize that alcohol.

    The intoxiclock® Pro Experience

    Engage your audience in building drinking scenarios that show the real-time impact on a person's BAC. intoxiclock® Pro visually illustrates how a person's level of intoxication changes with increasing levels of alcohol consumption and the rate at which a body metabolizes alcohol given the person's weight, gender and drinking pattern.

    Most people know that .08 BAC is the “legal limit” for impaired driving in the USA and that a person must be 21 to purchase and consume alcohol. However, many people are surprised to see how changes in a drink's alcohol content, a person's weight and gender, and speed of consumption can make a dramatic difference in BAC levels between individuals.

    Benefits of using intoxiclock® Pro

    • Debunk common myths about alcohol impairment and Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)
    • Display easy to understand graphics to deliver factual information about BAC
    • Personalize your lesson about BAC by using your participants' gender, weight, rate of consumption, and drinking habits
    • Actively engage your audience in addressing impaired driving, underage drinking, alcohol poisoning, drinking games, binge drinking, and more
    • Easy to use

    NEW Features of intoxiclock® Pro

    • Information displayed in English with Spanish and other languages to follow
    • Use with PC and Mac
    • Works with a touchscreen monitor (not included)
    • Graphically displays the number of drinks and the number of servings of alcohol in those drinks as you build your drinking scenarios
    • Drink selector incorporated in intoxiclock® Pro. You will see pictures of various drink types of beer, wine, spirits, and mixed cocktails. Select a drink by name and intoxiclock® Pro will use the drink's standard amount of alcohol (Standard Drink Units – SDU) in the BAC calculations.
    • The BAC graph shows a participant's calculated BAC and corresponding Fatal Vision® Goggle that will illustrate their level of impairment
    • Emoji's illustrate the effects their BAC level has on a person's emotions and physical abilities
  • intoxiclock® Pro Demo
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