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FREE 6-month Trial Version Now Available! intoxiclock® Pro is a software tool used to dynamically and visually demonstrate how a person’s weight, gender and drinking pattern affects their level of intoxication with increasing levels of alcohol consumption and the time it takes their body to metabolize the alcohol back to zero BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration). 

People may underestimate the amount of alcohol it takes to push their BAC over the legal limit and the amount of time it takes their body to metabolize alcohol back to zero BAC. As a result, people who have been drinking may think they are OK to drive and find out too late they should have found an alternate ride home.

intoxiclock® Pro lets you to build a drinking scenario based on a person's gender, weight, drinking start time, the number and types of drinks consumed, and the time it takes to consume those drinks. Based on that input, intoxiclock® Pro calculates and displays BAC and a real-time digital countdown of just how much time it takes to return to a BAC of 0.0. You can dynamically add drinks to an active drinking scenario and see the immediate effect on BAC and time to zero. The intoxiclock® Pro Software comes standard with a digital User Guide and instructional materials to guide program delivery and use.

NEW Features of intoxiclock® Pro:

  • Information displayed in English or Spanish with other languages to follow
  • Use with PC and Mac
  • Works with a touchscreen monitor (not included)
  • Graphically displays a running tally of the number of drinks and servings of alcohol in those drinks as you build a drinking scenario
  • Select from an illustrated menu of wines, spirits, and beers in a variety of portion sizes to build your drinking scenario 
  • A BAC graph shows a participant's calculated BAC and corresponding Fatal Vision® Goggle that will simulate their level of impairment 
  • Emoji's illustrate the effects of BAC levels on a person's emotions and physical abilities 

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