Distracted Driving Prevention Tools

  1. Fatal Vision® Drowsy and Distracted Goggles

    Fatal Vision® Drowsy and Distracted Goggles

    These goggles simulate the experience of drowsy or distracted impairment. The kit includes tools you can use to drive home the lesson that drowsy or distracted driving is impaired driving.

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  2. DIES® (Danger In Every Step) Activity Mats

    DIES® (Danger In Every Step) Activity Mats

    These mats are ideal to help add an additional dose of reality to your Fatal Vision® awareness and safety program.

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  3. Distract A Match®

    Distract A Match®

    This simple shape and color matching game helps demonstrate in a fun and engaging way the impact of distractions on our reaction time and judgment and extends the lesson to the impact of distracted driving.

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  4. Change Blindness and Distracted Driving Interactive Media Program

    Change Blindness and Distracted Driving Interactive Media Program

    Safe driving requires diligent focus on the roadway: continuous scanning our environment, evaluating potential threats and executing well-timed maneuvers to avoid a crash. Use this program to demonstrate change blindness and introduce a strategy to maintain our focus on the road.

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  5. Fatal Reaction® Unit

    Fatal Reaction® Unit

    Fatal Reaction® provides a hands-on and engaging activity that can be used to demonstrate the impact of distraction on a person's driving ability. This tool is ideal for use with the Distract-A-Match® Game.

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  6. M.E.T.H.O.D.®


    M.E.T.H.O.D.® (Mind Eyes Two Hands On Driving) is a peer-led campaign that you design to promote focused and distraction-free driving.

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  7. Phone Cell®

    Phone Cell®

    This practical zip-up PVC bag reminds the user to zip up phone distractions while driving. When the phone is in the bag, the message couldn’t be clearer “Park your Phone Drive your Car.”

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  8. Phone Condom®

    Phone Condom®

    The Phone Condom® is a simple way to remind your community about the potentially deadly consequences of distracted driving and the use of cell phones while operating a motor vehicle.

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  9. SIDNE® Vehicle

    SIDNE® Vehicle

    Simulated Impaired DriviNg Experience®, or SIDNE®, is a battery-powered vehicle that simulates the effects of impairment from alcohol and other drugs on a motorist's driving skills.

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  10. turn 'n learn® Classroom Challenge

    turn 'n learn® Classroom Challenge

    The turn 'n learn® Classroom Challenge is a fun and engaging activity that teaches about the dangers of underage drinking or distracted driving in a competitive and fun way.

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