• Distract-A-Match® Presentation Edition

Distract-A-Match® Presentation Edition

This over-sized version of the popular prevention tool deilvers the same memorable lesson about distracted driving as the original but in a size and format that can be observed by the entire audience. The game pieces and mat are both larger than the table-top version which provides the audience with a better understanding of the activity and the lesson being delivered. Through participation and observation, more participants gain an appreciation for the dangers that simple distractions such as texting on a cell phone can cause. The large format of the Distract-A-Match® Presentation Edition makes it ideal for large assemblies or group presentations.  *some assembly required


  • 48" x 60" game mat
  • Assorted vinyl game shapes
  • Digital timer
  • User guide
  • Aluminum back-drop frame and carrying case 


Price: $1,075.00
*All Prices are USD

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