Distract-A-Match® - Campaign Kit

The combination of the Fatal Reaction® and Distract-A-Match® Presentation Edition delivers a memorable lesson about distracted driving in a format that can be observed by the entire audience.  The six (6) additional Distract-A-Match® Games help ensure that more participants have an opportunity to perform the fast paced multi-tasking activity.  Providing more opportunities for participation allows for a greater appreciation of the dangers that simple distractions such as texting on a cell phone while driving can cause. This package is ideal for large classes or group presentations. *some assembly required


  • 1 - Distract-A-Match® - Program Kit
  • 1 - Distract-A-Match® Presentation Edition
  • 5 - Distract-A-Match® Games (total of 6)



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Package Includes

Distract-A-Match® - Program Kit

The Distract-A-Match® and Fatal Reaction® unit provide a hands-on and engaging activity that dramatically demonstrates the dangers of distracted driving.

Distract-A-Match® Presentation Edition

This over sized version of the popular prevention tool delivers the same memorable lesson about distracted driving as the original but in a size and format that can be observed by the entire audience.

5x Distract-A-Match® Game

This simple shape and color matching game helps demonstrate in a fun and engaging way the impact of distractions on our reaction time and judgment and extends the lesson to the impact of distracted driving.

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Price: $2,225.00