Safety Features to Look for in a Distracted Driving Simulator

Keep participants in your distracted driving education program safe with these critical features.

One consideration when choosing a distracted driving simulator is its safety features. While distracted driving simulators like our SIDNE® vehicle and Roadster Pedal Kart are inherently safe to use, certain safety features can add peace of mind for participants, their parents, and educators. Here are a few of the considerations to keep in mind as you shop for the right distracted driving simulator for your awareness program:

  • Helmets and protective eyewear
  • Seatbelts
  • Emergency stopping mechanism
  • Anti-roll features
  • Safety training and materials

Learn more about these safety features to look for in a distracted driving simulator below.

Helmets and protective eyewear

Whether you’re considering an electric distracted driving simulator like SIDNE or a manually operated pedal kart like the Roadster, helmets and protective eyewear are the first lines of defense against any unlikely injury.

The SIDNE Basic Package comes with two safety helmets (and sanitary fabric caps) and two pairs of safety glasses, while the Ultimate Package comes with four helmets and four pairs of glasses. Additional SIDNE safety helmets are available on our website.

The Drowsy & Distracted Driving Course package designed for the Roadster Pedal Kart also comes with two helmets (and sanitary fabric caps) and two pairs of safety glasses.


If you’re considering a motorized distracted driving simulator, ensure that it’s equipped with seatbelts just like a traditional car to help keep your program participants safe from unforeseen injury. While simulators travel at significantly lower speeds than a car, seatbelts in a simulator help restrain users in case of a sudden stop or unlikely crash. SIDNE, our electric distracted driving simulator, includes two 3-point retractable seatbelts for both the driver and the passenger to help ensure participants learn about the dangers of distracted driving safely.

Emergency stopping mechanism

Find out which distracted driving simulator meets your safety needs.One of the most important safety features to look for in a distracted driving simulator is an emergency stopping mechanism. SIDNE distracted driving simulator allows instructors to use a transmitter to stop it remotely if needed. The SIDNE driver can also stop or slow the vehicle using the brake pedal.

The Roadster Pedal Kart also has a braking mechanism for safety. Drivers can control their speed through pedaling or use the brake when they want to stop.

Anti-roll features

Rolling or tipping that are common among some motorized simulators like golf carts is a thing of the past with a new generation of safe demonstration vehicles. Designed to be very low to the ground, SIDNE has a low center of gravity that helps prevent rolling or tipping. These design features add stability and increase safety for participants operating this distracted driving simulator.

Safety training and materials

Safety training and materials are important components of a distracted driving education program because they help ensure instructors and participants are equipped with the knowledge and resources for safe simulator operation. Both SIDNE and the Roadster come with user guides that include proper use and safety precautions. SIDNE also comes with a required, full day of on-site training that can accommodate up to six educators and runs between four and eight hours long. During the training, you’ll learn information about course set-up, messaging, safe operation, and maintenance. If you’d like an on-site training session with the Roadster, it’s available for an additional fee.

Now that you know the safety features of SIDNE and the Roadster Pedal Kart, you can choose the right distracted driving simulator for your program. For more helpful resources, check out our articles on questions to ask before buying a distracted driving simulator and the benefits of using distracted driving simulators in an education program. If you need help creating a meaningful hands-on educational experience for your students or community members, contact us today to learn how we can help.

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