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      Show your audience how many Standard Drink Units (SDUs) are in popular alcoholic beverages.


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    You Call The Shots

    The “You Call The Shots” program was designed specifically to help your audience learn how many Standard Drink Units (SDU) are in popular alcoholic beverages and to help dispel common myths about alcohol consumption. These interactive and memorable tools deliver detailed information about popular alcoholic beverages including calorie and alcohol content, serving size, common myths, and the number of SDU’s.

    Knowing what constitutes a standard sized drink is important in knowing what effect consuming these drinks will have on an individual’s Blood Alcohol Concentration (B.A.C.) Responsibility begins with knowing how much alcohol is in the drinks you are consuming and the “You Call The Shots” program delivers that lesson.

    The “You Call The Shots” Program is available in three dynamic formats:

    • Poster Series
    • Poster
    • Retractable Banner Stand

    You Call The Shots Benefits:

    • Educates about SDU’s and debunks common myths about alcohol
    • Engaging and hands-on
    • Promotes a clear and memorable awareness lesson
    • Simple to use with minimal space requirement