1. "Pick Your Poison" Floor Banner

      This highly visible 32" x 84" retractable banner depicts how the misuse and abuse of alcohol can lead to Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) and other consequences.


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    2. "Pick Your Poison" Table Top Banner

      Our new retractable Table Top banner is 32" wide x 40" high and comes standard with a protective carrying bag. 


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  • "Pick Your Poison"

    The "Pick Your Poison" products are designed specifically to educate about Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) as a consequence of alcohol impairment. These tools will help dispel common myths about STI and bring a campus wide awareness to this growing problem.

    These tools also promote discussion and awareness about other alcohol related consequences that result from mixing alcohol and sex; such as date rape, unwanted pregnancy, unprotected sex, and more.

    The "Pick Your Poison" Program is available in two dynamic formats:

    • 20" x 28" Poster
    • 32" x 84" Retractable Banner Stand with protective carrying bag.

    The "Pick Your Poison" Program Benefits:

    • Educates about STI and helps debunk common misconceptions about mixing alcohol and sex
    • Engaging and hands-on
    • Promotes a clear and memorable awareness lesson
    • Simple to use with minimal space requirement

    The "Pick Your Poison" Program is Ideal for:

    • Campus drinking awareness campaigns
    • Residence Hall Programs and Student Unions
    • School Counselors
    • Health Teachers
    • Community outreach programs