AIM® (Awareness In Motion) Distracted Driving Lenticular Poster

Use this 20" x 28" crowd stopping poster to catch people’s attention and send a message about the dangers of distracted driving. This poster uses lenticular lens technology to put into motion an all-too-common occurrence of a texting driver and the tragic consequences that can result. At first glance, the driver appears to face no immediate danger and believes to have complete control of their vehicle. A slight shift in your viewing angle shows a tragedy about to occur.

Lesson learned, there is no text message or cell phone call that is worth a serious injury or fatality! Help promote distraction-free driving in your school and community with this engaging awareness tool.



1-24 posters = $109 each
25 or more = $103 each

Item Number: AIM TND

  • Buy 25 for $103.00 each and save 6%
Price: $109.00
*All Prices are USD

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