SIDNE® Accessories

  1. SIDNE® Course Figures

    SIDNE® Course Figures

    Enhance your SIDNE® course with these life-sized cutouts of actual people.

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  2. SIDNE® Helmet

    SIDNE® Helmet

    The black SIDNE® Helmet is recommend for both driver and passenger.

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  3. SIDNE® Infrared Transmitter

    SIDNE® Infrared Transmitter

    Keep your program on track with a spare SIDNE® Infrared Transmitter

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  4. SIDNE® Battery Charger

    SIDNE® Battery Charger

    This battery charger is equipped with an indicator light to let you know when the battery is fully charged.

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  5. SIDNE® Charging Adapter

    SIDNE® Charging Adapter

    Our charging adapter works with your SIDNE® batteries.

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  6. SIDNE® Battery Set

    SIDNE® Battery Set

    Need a spare pair of batteries for your SIDNE® program?

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  7. SIDNE® 6" cones

    SIDNE® 6" cones

    6-inch, blaze orange stacking cones for building your SIDNE® course.

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  8. SIDNE® Rigid Cones

    SIDNE® Rigid Cones

    10-28" stackable safety cone, 5.6 pounds per cone, narrow wind-resistant design, in day-glow orange.

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  9. SIDNE® Driving Course Signs

    SIDNE® Driving Course Signs

    These plastic styrene signs add a realistic touch to your driving
    course. Signs come standard with a cut-out on the bottom and can be
    easily inserted into the top of our rigid cones.

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  10. SIDNE® Tool Kit

    SIDNE® Tool Kit

    Roomy, rugged canvas tool bag equipped with all the tools necessary for routine SIDNE maintenance

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  11. SIDNE® Transport Trunk

    SIDNE® Transport Trunk

    Rugged, black, hard plastic trunk that includes a lock for securely storing your SIDNE® Course Kit materials

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  12. SIDNE® Double Trailer

    SIDNE® Double Trailer

    Our double trailer can hold two (2) SIDNEs for easy transport to your demonstration site

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  13. SIDNE® Single Trailer

    SIDNE® Single Trailer

    Need a safe and secure way to haul and store your SIDNE®?

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  14. SIDNE® Replacement Tires

    SIDNE® Replacement Tires

    SIDNE® Replacement Tires are sold in complete sets of four (4) tires with wheels.

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  15. SIDNE® License Plate

    SIDNE® License Plate

    SIDNE® License Plate measures 12" x 6"

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  16. SIDNE® Wide Pedal Assembly

    SIDNE® Wide Pedal Assembly

    Replacement Accelerator and Brake Assembly for SIDNE® Version 3.0 - 6.0

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  17. SIDNE® Front Bumper

    SIDNE® Front Bumper

    SIDNE® Bumper fits all models and installs in minutes

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  18. SIDNE® Drive Belt

    SIDNE® Drive Belt

    SIDNE® Replacement Drive Belt

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  19. SIDNE® Potentiometer Cover

    SIDNE® Potentiometer Cover

    SIDNE® Potentiometer Cover helps protect this important steering component

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  20. SIDNE® Roll Bar Banner

    SIDNE® Roll Bar Banner

    Roll Bar Banner measures 28" x 20" with the bright 4 color SIDNE® Snake Logo

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  21. SIDNE® Rear Hood

    SIDNE® Rear Hood

    Rear Hood covers the SIDNE® drive motor and batteries. Hood includes simple "plug and go" hook-up for the tail and brake lights.

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  22. SIDNE® Tie Rods

    SIDNE® Tie Rods

    SIDNE® Tie Rod sets

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