Maintenance Accessories

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  1. Fatal Reaction® Ear Covers

    Fatal Reaction® Ear Covers

    Use the Sani-guard disposable fabric ear covers for your Fatal Reaction® headset to promote good hygiene.

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  2. Fatal Reaction® windsocks

    Fatal Reaction® windsocks

    Keep the microphone of your Fatal Reaction® headset clean and germ free

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SIDNE® Accessories

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  1. SIDNE® 6

    SIDNE® 6" cones

    6-inch stacking cones for your SIDNE® driving course.

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  2. SIDNE® Double Trailer

    SIDNE® Double Trailer

    Transport 2-SIDNE® units in one trailer.

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Program Accessories

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  1. "You Call the Shots" Poster

    Show your audience how many Standard Drink Units (SDUs) are in popular alcoholic beverages.

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  2. Distract-A-Match® Game

    Distract-A-Match® Game

    This simple shape and color matching game helps demonstrate the impact of distractions.

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