Maintenance Accessories

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  1. Fatal Reaction® Ear Covers

    Fatal Reaction® Ear Covers

    Use the Sani-guard disposable fabric ear covers for your Fatal Reaction® headset to promote good hygiene.

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  2. Fatal Reaction® windsocks

    Fatal Reaction® windsocks

    Keep the microphone of your Fatal Reaction® headset clean and germ free

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SIDNE® Accessories

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  1. SIDNE® Course Figures

    SIDNE® Course Figures

    Enhance your SIDNE® course with these figures.

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  2. SIDNE® Infrared Transmitter

    SIDNE® Infrared Transmitter

    SIDNE® Infrared Transmitter

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Program Accessories

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  1. Distract-A-Match® Presentation Edition

    Distract-A-Match® Presentation Edition

    This over-sized version of the popular awareness tool Distract-a-Match delivers a memorable lesson about distracted driving.

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  2. "You Call The Shots" Table Top Banner

    Our new retractable You Call The Shots Table Top Banner is 32" wide x 40" high and comes standard with a protective carrying bag. 

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