• SIDNE® Version 7.0 Ultimate Package with Onsite Training Session

SIDNE® Version 7.0 Ultimate Package with Onsite Training Session

The Simulated Impaired Driving Experience (SIDNE®) Ultimate Package is an all inclusive collection of Innocorp, Ltd. prevention tools, resources and training to help you deliver engaging and hands-on campaigns addressing the misuse and abuse of alcohol and other drugs and distracted driving.

This SIDNE® Package is ideal for local festivals and fairs and community gatherings to engage people of all ages in hands-on lesson filled activities.  This program can be easily implemented into and existing initiative and provides the tools and resources necessary to deliver a new and effective and substantial prevention lesson.  The lessons you deliver by using the SIDNE®, Fatal Vision® Impairment Goggles, the intoxiclock®, Sum It Cup®, Fatal Reaction® and other tools included in this package will allow you to make a lasting impression in your community while promoting life saving behaviors.

This comprehensive package also includes a “Train the Trainer” session at your location.  Our instructor will train your staff to effectively use all the tools contained in the SIDNE® Ultimate. 

This eight hour class includes the following:

  • Attendees will be thoroughly trained on each product in the SIDNE® Ultimate
  • Attendees will review the features and instructional guides for each product
  • Attendees will practice delivering demonstrations using each product and learn how to prepare and design a SIDNE® driving course
  • Each attendee that successfully completes the onsite training will receive a certificate of completion
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Basic Complete Ultimate Products Included
SIDNE® 7.0
2 Transmitter and Carrying Case
24412v Batteries
Battery Charger
4 Program Guides and Course Cards
SIDNE® User Guide
Training Video
Standard Warranty (6 months or 150 hours of run time)
4-6 hours4-6 hours8 hoursOn-Site Training
3 SIDNE® Trainer Safety Vest
Can Lithium Grease
244Safety Glasses
44Sanitary Fabric Caps (100/pack)
66Germicidal Wipes
SIDNE® Tools
 External Charging Adapter
 SIDNE® Course Case
 SIDNE® Event Banner
 4 Traffic Signs
 Mini Measuring Wheel
3060606" Mini Cones
 203628" Rigid Cones
 Collapsible Cone Grabber
 Course Pennants (18 strings)
 2036Pennant Clips
 SIDNE® Course Figures: 1 Girl with Puppy, 1 Boy on Tricycle, and 1 Mom with Baby Stroller
  SIDNE® Cover Up
 Marking Pistol (1) and Spray Chalk (4 cans)
  The Fatal Vision® Alcohol Impairment Simulation – Program Kit
  Fatal Reaction® with Distract-A-Match®
  Line Detector®
  S.U.M.•I+•Cup® Complete
  intoxiclock Version 4.0® with Touch Board and Printer
  intoxiclock Pocket Guide Refills
  You Call the Shots Kit
  You Call the Shots Standing Banner
  Pick Your Poison Standing Banner
  100 Phone Cell® Bags
  DIES® Alcohol Awareness Party Mat
  DIES® Alcohol Impairment Activity Mat
  Distract-A-Match® Event Edition
  AIM® Poster
  Smash Match®
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+$1,600.00+$1,600.00+$1,600.00Extended Warranty (Additional coverage for 12 months or 300 hours run time)

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