1. Fatal Vision® Alcohol Awareness Package

    Fatal Vision® Alcohol Awareness Package

    NEW!  This product package is speciffically designed to help you address impaired driving and underage drinking in your community.  


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  2. Master Bartender™ SDU Game

    Master Bartender™ SDU Game

    NEW! An entertaining approach to educate about Standard Drink Units (SDU) of common alcoholic beverages.

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  1. intoxiclock® Version 4.0 Package

    intoxiclock® Version 4.0 Package

    SAVE!  Receive special pricing when you Build Your Own intoxiclock® package.  Select only the accessories that best meet your program needs.  

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  2. Concussion Goggle™ Complete Kit

    Concussion Goggle™ Complete Kit

    The Concussion Goggle™ Complete Kit includes all the materials necessary to deliver an effective lesson about what to do if you suspect a concussion and the debilitating effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

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  1. DIES™ (Danger In Every Step) Distracted Driving Activity Mat

    DIES™ (Danger In Every Step) Distracted Driving Activity Mat

    This durable activity mat is designed specifically for use with your distracted driving awareness programs.  

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  2. Smash Match™ Impairment Challenge

    Smash Match™ Impairment Challenge

    A great experience and activity for use with Fatal Vision® Goggles.

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